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Find out why leading organisations trust CFS to manage more than 15,000 commercial vehicles and trailers in the parcel and product distribution, manufacturing and supermarket industries.

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You can track performance and access electronic documentation for every asset in your fleet with our dedicated web portal for fleet management.

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Planning and Compliance

Our fleet services simplify complex fleet management tasks. Automate the planning of vehicle trailer and specialist equipment maintenance, servicing, testing, and MOT bookings to ensure fleet safety and compliance.

Cost Control and Authorisation

Keep maintenance costs under control and your fleet running at maximum efficiency with one of the industry’s most experienced commercial vehicle and trailer teams.

VOR Support

Minimise vehicle off-road time with our 24/7 breakdown and recovery service, proactive VOR monitoring and complete status visibility via the YourFleetLive web portal.

Repair and Refurbishment

 Get vehicles and trailers back on the road quickly with our national network of repair and refurbishment locations. Our experts guarantee the right repair at the right price.


Our purpose-built customer portal provides 24/7 visibility on fleet performance and instant access to all your fleet documentation in one place.

We provide fleet management services for all types of commercial assets across various industries including distribution and delivery, as well as more specialist applications.