DVSA Earned Recognition IT Provider

What is DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme (ERS)?

ERS is a method for operators to regularly demonstrate to DVSA how their fleet is compliant and managed in line with operating standards.

DVSA Earned Recognition

The measures implemented by DVSA to achieve ERS status are clearly defined and certain eligibility criteria must be met before operators can be considered for the scheme. This is a voluntary scheme however members of the scheme are less likely to be stopped for roadside inspections which can be seen as a big benefit to operators.

Operators are audited against a defined set of standards for both maintenance and driving activities.

These are the 5 maintenance related measures which must be reported on within the measurement periods stipulated by DVSA:

  • Complete safety inspection records
  • Correctly completed records
  • Timely safety inspections
  • Driver defect reporting
  • MOT initial pass rates

Any operator working within or towards DVSA Earned Recognition status must use a validated IT systems supplier who has been audited by DVSA and recognised as having a system in place to meet all the required KPI measures and triggers.

CFS are a validated IT systems supplier for the DVSA earned recognition scheme.

At CFS we support operators providing a digital monitoring system for vehicle maintenance enabling the continual monitoring of performance. They have access 24/7 to the CFS ERS portal to monitor performance identifying and trigger points and details relating to them to ensure swift rectification.

Customers do not have to have Earned Recognition Status to use the system, it can be used by any operator who wants to continually monitor maintenance performance.

We provide real time performance scores for current and past periods so operators are in a position to continually meet and surpass the KPI’s set by DVSA.

Every 4 weeks, our ERS system informs the DVSA if an operator has missed any of the KPIs by the required amount. If this happens, we will work with both our operators and the DVSA to confirm the data and resolve any performance issues.

Please contact us for more details and a demonstration of what we can do.

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