Fleet Repair & Refurbishment Service

Refresh and redesign your fleet with the help of our skilled experts, who can perform both mechanical and cosmetic refurbs to keep your fleet looking its best.

Whether it’s an aging fleet needing a facelift, or a single unit needing major damage repair, our highly skilled and experienced team can deliver a comprehensive range of fleet repair and refurbishment services.

Guaranteed quality and value for money, plus a fast turnaround.

Our ability to carry out specialist vehicles and trailer repairs in-house means we can guarantee quality and value for money, plus a fast turnaround.

Our site in Aldridge, West Midlands contains a 16-bay top-spec maintenance facility. The site is equipped to complete any kind of accident repair or refurbishment, from minor accident damage to full fleet refurbishment programmes, including shot blasting and re-painting.

The facility is staffed by maintenance technicians including brake testers, double deck trailer and hydraulic specialists, auto electricians, bodywork repairers, vehicle sprayers and painters.

Work completed on site includes planned maintenance events, certification, testing and LOLER examinations. We continually invest in our network of workshops to expand our capabilities and coverage, so it’s even easier to get your fleet back to its best.

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