Scheduled Maintenance & Defects

How it works…

Our advanced fleet management scheduling app, Checkmate, makes it easy to book CFS mobile technicians for vehicle inspections at your convenience. Using the app, it’s now even easier to keep scheduled maintenance running smoothly.

Dynamic scheduling

If they’re already on site, the technicians can create work orders for planned events if the request has not been made centrally via a scheduler.

Where fleet audits are carried out on site, our technicians can identify trailers requiring inspection by checking ‘next inspection due’ date stickers on the rear of trailer doors.  If required, additional mobile resources can be provided to meet demand for truly flexible, scalable maintenance scheduling.

Rectifying defects

How it works…

When mobile technicians are on-site, defects can be rectified immediately upon receipt of a defect note.

If a defect has been identified while carrying out a fleet check, we’ll get it rectified there and then wherever possible. Alternatively, you can simply contact your scheduler to arrange for a mobile technician to attend your site and repair the defect.

Our mobile technicians will always return to the transport office to complete and sign off the defect report, as required by DVSA regulations.

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